[FoRK] Open Link: Objects+piping (and better)+real loose coupling

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Oct 3 13:52:30 PDT 2005

You can force a lot over the HTTP model, but if you look at the design 
of BEEP (in the RFCs) you'll see quite a difference.

That's just some transport details however, the next level up is more 
interesting.  SOAP et al is interesting, but unfortunately was jumped on 
as RPC, especially half-duplex synchronous RPC with, initially, all 
kinds of overhead per field rather than just exchanging an arbitrary XML 
message (i.e. "document mode").  (The standard allows for async, but...)

Anyway, now I think we're talking about two things.  The one thread is 
about lightweight scripting / linking a la Unix shell pipelining.  The 
appropriate protocols and practices for the web are related, but still 
could be different.

In any case, with your FoRK reference, one of the early invitation 
triggers was presence/instant messaging which is definitely not a model 
that's efficient over HTTP.  Presence/IM is all about message routing, 
asynchronous pipelined messages, publish/subscribe, etc.  Sure, many are 
deep into HTTP also, but HTTP was and is flawed as a general purpose 
model.  It has evolved toward that direction, but there is a gap.


Mark Baker wrote:

>Stephen - seeing that this is FoRK, I feel the need to ask; how does
>this differ from the Web? ...
>>Bad: Unix command pipelining is more or less one way and has limited 
>>control and feedback propagation.
>HTTP gives you two-way streams, and command pipelining too, though
>out-of-order pipelining isn't supported.

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