[FoRK] Fucked by the French

Dr. Robert Harley robert.harley
Mon Oct 3 15:52:47 PDT 2005

On 10/3/05, Damien Morton <fork at bitfurnace.com> wrote:
> The flip side is that my sister, who lives in France, got a nasty virus
> which needed a 1-year treatment on very expensive pharmaceuticals. The
> treatment is so debilitating that many people cant make it through the
> whole year, and there is a 6-month recovery period after coming off the
> treatment.
> I think the cost would have been $60K or somesuch, not to mention the
> cost of being unable to work for 18 months or so. Had she been in the
> U.S. she would have been uninsured, unemployed, and bankrupting herself
> and her family.
> Unless she was of retirement age, of course.

I don't dispute for a moment that the French national health insurance is
the best in the world - my sister's life was saved by it 15-odd years ago -
but I do object to paying secondary insurance in France, even though I live
in the U.K. and already pay for double insurance here (every penny so far
has been refunded by a German cmpany based in Ireland).


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