[FoRK] Three most import attributes for a Bush appointment

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Oct 3 20:07:31 PDT 2005

I think that is a bit much.  I was however thinking today that it's cute 
and cool that EU is working so hard to be America'.
I'm not qualified to have a deep opinion on this, so take it as an 
"American impressionist" view, but it sure seems like a nice, warty, 
instructive convergence to stable democracy / capitalism.  Vis a vis 
"F*** France", at some point the errors will go from being buried in 
layers of nationalism to clear merits of different approaches competing 
under the same rules.

As for the US being a joke, well, maybe too many of us are.  There were 
certainly a lot of sheep in NO, including police and a National Guard 
unit.  I suspect that a few dozen farmers or other real doers would have 
whipped things into shape, if they weren't stopped by the police that is.


Adam L Beberg wrote:

> Lorin Rivers wrote on 10/3/2005 8:14 AM:
>> 1) Loyalty
>> 2) Loyalty
>> 3) Loyalty
>> Qualifications? Competence? Oh come now, surely THOSE don't matter.
> They are STRONGLY pitching and praising her lack of experience and 
> qualifications as strengths.
> Just as strongly they are pitching her ability to do as she's told, 
> and that she will piss on the constitution not the carpet, like a good 
> dog.
> The rest of the world has already figured out we're a joke, and is 
> routing around the problem. In 20 years, noone will care about our 5% 
> of the world population any more then they care about the 5% in Africa 
> now.

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