[FoRK] Active-X hell

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Oct 3 20:12:54 PDT 2005

One of the house computers, where my daughter and her friends spend a 
lot of social time, may be infected with something my daughter 
indicates.  So, having access to free McAffee I install it and try to 
run it and it can't run because Active-X is disabled in Internet 
Explorer.  AVG doesn't think anything's still installed.

So after doing a double take that an anti-virus product would rely in a 
fundamental way on Active-X being enabled, I look in the standard 
Security tab for IE and find that only the local computer zone exists 
and that the rest of the buttons are grayed out.  There's no obvious way 
to change anything and I can't find what might be overriding things.  
Some unobvious registry hack?  Plus, except for one user, the XP Start 
menu shortcuts on the left side of the Start popup are gone.

So, I may have reinstall...


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