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Corinna schultz
Tue Oct 4 05:37:14 PDT 2005

Having a baby in a US hospital is fraught with all sorts of risks (even 
among otherwise healthy people, there is greater mortality, and labor 
problems). Unless there's a medical reason to do so, it's better to go 
elsewhere (like a birthing center, or midwife). [Insert ob disclaimer here.]

At any rate, they do all sorts of things to us at birth without our consent: 
premature separation from the monther (there's some evidence suggesting this 
can lead to decreased probability of mother-child bonding, increased 
probability of PPD, and problems with breastfeeding), circumcision, Social 
Security numbers, vaccinations... things that probably not everyone would do 
if they were given a choice. (None of which I did to my kids, although we 
ended up getting SSNs because we had to in order to claim them as 
dependents. It was worth several thousand dollars to us at a time when we 
really needed the money.)


"Tracie K Meyer" <con10gent_sentience at inoutbox.com> wrote in message
 Have a baby in a US hospital, and you can rest assured plenty of blood
 samples will be taken from your newborn. The samples are not being used
 to screen for the diseases, syndromes and medical conditions you are
 eager to be reassured your child doesn't have.
 Oftentimes they are stored indefinitely, 

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