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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Tue Oct 4 06:53:45 PDT 2005

You can't be certain you won't have a complication, like breach 
presentation, that a midwife can't handle.
Certainly traditional hospital birthing was wrongly prescriptive 
(keeping the mother on her back, etc.), but 14 years ago even in Ohio 
you could find a good "birthing center" hospital that could deal with 
water birthing, etc.

Sure, a reasonably large amount of time things will come out all right, 
but if it's even a few percent that require modern techniques, it's not 
worth the risk to be stuck without them.  If you could find a midwife 
facility right next to a good hospital, that might work, but you still 
might have to be wheeled accross the street on a gurney while the baby 
suffocates or has a low oxygen event.

I'd really be surprised if it were true that mortality and labor 
problems (that couldn't be solved) were greater in a hospital.  Breach 
births are fairly common and you can't always turn a baby at that 
point.  A good OB will detect and turn the baby before labor, generally.


Corinna wrote:

>Having a baby in a US hospital is fraught with all sorts of risks (even 
>among otherwise healthy people, there is greater mortality, and labor 
>problems). Unless there's a medical reason to do so, it's better to go 
>elsewhere (like a birthing center, or midwife). [Insert ob disclaimer here.]
>At any rate, they do all sorts of things to us at birth without our consent: 
>premature separation from the monther (there's some evidence suggesting this 
>can lead to decreased probability of mother-child bonding, increased 
>probability of PPD, and problems with breastfeeding), circumcision, Social 
>Security numbers, vaccinations... things that probably not everyone would do 
>if they were given a choice. (None of which I did to my kids, although we 
>ended up getting SSNs because we had to in order to claim them as 
>dependents. It was worth several thousand dollars to us at a time when we 
>really needed the money.)
>"Tracie K Meyer" <con10gent_sentience at inoutbox.com> wrote in message
> Have a baby in a US hospital, and you can rest assured plenty of blood
> samples will be taken from your newborn. The samples are not being used
> to screen for the diseases, syndromes and medical conditions you are
> eager to be reassured your child doesn't have.
> Oftentimes they are stored indefinitely, 
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