[FoRK] Three most import attributes for a Bush appointment

Justin Mason jm
Tue Oct 4 10:23:41 PDT 2005

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... and I'm moving back to Ireland in 5 months.  ditto!

- --j.

Damien Morton writes:
>Im moving back to Australia in 2 weeks. Your'e all welcome to join me.
>> Are you planning to be dead then, or living in another country, or what?
>> Any progeny, or genetic complements (eg, nieces, nephews, etc)?  What 
>> are you doing about them?
>> It's all hip-goth-neolibarchist to say "oh, the ship is sinking, 
>> everyone knows that".  So what are you DOING about it?  What has changed 
>> in your lifestyle, your 5-year plan, your 10-year plan, etc.
>> Inquiring minds.  Show you mine if you show me yours.  Etc.
>> Spill.
>> SRC
>> Adam L Beberg wrote:
>>  > ...
>>> The rest of the world has already figured out we're a joke, and is 
>>> routing around the problem. In 20 years, noone will care about our 5% 
>>> of the world population any more then they care about the 5% in Africa 
>>> now.
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