[FoRK] 11 steps to democracy

Strata R. Chalup strata
Tue Oct 4 10:46:03 PDT 2005

I like most of these.  Just implementing 1, 2, 6, and 11 would make a GINORMOUS 

I wonder if MoveOn et al could somehow spin item 1 such that all the special 
interests would think it would work in THEIR favor?  Post-Katrina, though, I bet 
they'd know the jig was up.


Damien Morton wrote:

> 1. Mandatory Voting - no quorum, no democracy. It will take a few
> elections before you reach the 80% turnout mark, but eliminating
> eligibility for governement services unless you have a
> certificate that you voted will help things along. If youre a
> citizen, then you vote, otherwise you are less than a citizen.
> 2 Dispense with single-member districts and go for proportional 
> representation.
> 3. No more first-past-the-post, winner-takes-all elections. No more
> allocating all electoral college votes to one side or the other.
> 4. Force the merging and disempowering of local governement. Not
> every butt-fuck town needs its own police, school system,
> sewerage, etc etc. Efficiencies and scale savings here would
> save a ton of money, and eliminate a huge amount of pigs from
> the trough.
> 5. (HARD) Force small, low population states to merge together or
> with larger states.
> 6. If you are going to have electronic voting, charging 25c for each
> vote will ensure that each and every penny is tracked and
> accounted for (and therefore also the votes). Put the nevada
> gaming comission in charge, and payout the monies raised to a
> lucky winner, each election. Better yet, buy inexpensive,
> reliable voting machines from India.
> 7. Make it illegal to donate campaign funds to individuals. Instead
> channel it all through the parties (who are somewhat harder to
> corrupt than one congressmen at a time). Making campaign
> donations taxable will ensure that the IRS has plenty of
> incentive to track down and account for every penny.
> 8. Introduce a political jury into the house of congress. This would
> be 100 congressmen randomly chosen from jury rolls nationwide for
> a single term in office. Shake things up a little, 100 random
> people are bound to be more representative than the fuckers in
> there now.
> 9. Eliminate fixed 4-year terms. Allow the president to call an
> election anytime he wants. This will shorten election campaigns
> and reduce the power of the almighty dollar in them.
> 10. Force licencees of the airwaves to give free airtime to
> candidates. The airwaves are a public resource. Hearing what the
> candidates have to say is a public service, maybe even eminent
> domain applies here.
> 11. Adopt the Parliamentary Democracy practise of question time, in 
> which the President must publicly respond to questions from members of 
> congress.
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