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Mark Nottingham mnot
Tue Oct 4 13:19:01 PDT 2005

It's not for a lack of trying in the Bay area; the nurses and  
Lactation Naz^H^H^H Consultants made us feel as if we might as well  
kill our first child rather than have a natural, anaesthetic-free,  
breast-fed baby. Never mind that he literally would have killed my  
wife if he was delivered naturally, and that, being 11 pounds, he  
couldn't physically be sustained by her alone. No, it's better for  
him to starve than to get formula, to listen to them.

That's why we had our second (three weeks ago) in a nice, Catholic  
hospital; they ask you once, and then respect your decisions, no  
questions asked. Go figure.

P.S. Since I already brushed against Godwin's Law there, we can  
hopefully avoid the traditional Breastfeeding Flame War. Can't you  
wait to reproduce, Rohit?

On 04/10/2005, at 9:58 AM, mattj at newsblip.com wrote:

> Here in Seattle, it's very progressive.  For example, we have the  
> highest rate
> in the country of moms who breastfeed when they leave the hospital.  
> (I don't
> know who collects these statistics nationally, but if you call a  
> Seattle
> hospital, they would tell you.)

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