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Justin Mason jm
Tue Oct 4 13:26:15 PDT 2005

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Mark Nottingham writes:
>>> Im moving back to Australia in 2 weeks. Your'e all welcome to join  
>>> me.
>I'd be interested in hearing of stories from those who have done this  
>(i.e., specifically, Australia). I hold AU residence, and one of the  
>things that's keeping me from moving back is the relative dearth of  
>work options for technical people who still want to actually think on  
>the job.

FWIW, I agree this is a big, big problem.

I'm not too affected -- my work conditions in southern california here are
very limited anyway, and Ireland actually compares very well to this
region in terms of techie job availability.  Anyone moving from the Bay
Area faces slim pickings, however.

- --j.

>It seems to me that there are plenty of talented people in AU (that I  
>know personally or by reputation), but for whatever reason,  
>innovation doesn't really take hold; there aren't many big companies  
>that hire people for research / exploration (Telstra and CSIRO come  
>to mind), and getting a startup going is very difficult, due to a  
>lack of angel / seed funding.
>Not that they don't know this; the subject has been explored to  
>death, as far as I can see (e.g., "Backing Australia's Ability").
>There was a nice article about this in (I think) the Journal a few  
>years back, to the effect that Australia is doing so well because of  
>IT; not because it innovates, but because it *implements* so very  
>well, based on what others innovate.
>P.S. There's a "Startup Funding Alternatives" panel by ANZA (sort of  
>an AU/US business association) in Palo Alto tomorrow night:
>   http://www.anzatechnet.com/conference2005/reg_all/panel_reg1.jsp
>I was thinking of checking it out; anybody have any experience with  
>this org?
>Mark Nottingham     http://www.mnot.net/
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