[FoRK] 11 steps to democracy

mattj at newsblip.com mattj
Tue Oct 4 13:32:49 PDT 2005

Quoting "J. Andrew Rogers" <andrew at ceruleansystems.com>:

>> The  President would have to respond to questions *and raspberries*.  ...
> I have seen this many times, and I do not see it as a useful procedure.

In the current U.S. context, I think such a requirement would destroy the Bush
Administration.  He simply stinks in any format where he is challenged, and
this structure would challenge him repeatedly, and heatedly, for a solid hour
every week.  In fact, a single hour of this would challenge him more than all
his interviews in the last 5 years put together.

I'm not advocating Question Time because it would expose Bush as 
incompetent and
arrogant (though it would). Rather, the fact that it would make his 
and arrogance obvious to even staunch supporters would show how weak and
compliant the U.S. press has become. *That's* the real value here; stripping
away the adoration of the presidency, and the cult of personality, so that the
media feel free to investigate and challenge more than they do now.

-Matt Jensen

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