[FoRK] Ning, a social app construction set

Jim Whitehead ejw
Tue Oct 4 14:00:12 PDT 2005


It's like legos for social app builders. From the website, "Ning is a  
free online service (or, as we like to call it, a Playground) for  
building and using social applications.
Social apps are web applications that enable anyone to match,  
transact, and communicate with other people."

Interesting, the business model appears to be the following: make it  
easy for people to create social apps, provide free hosting, then get  
revenue from ads, as well as from storage.

The main flaw, that I can see, is that any really successful business  
using Ning might feel uncomfortable with Ning having so much control  
over their fate. Still, it seems very attractive for performing rapid  
prototyping and deployment of social apps.

- Jim

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