[FoRK] Re: Hospitals and births (was Re: (no subject))

Corinna schultz
Tue Oct 4 14:38:27 PDT 2005

"Mark Nottingham" <mnot at mnot.net> wrote
> P.S. Since I already brushed against Godwin's Law there, we can  hopefully 
> avoid the traditional Breastfeeding Flame War.

Everyone's situation is different -- that's why the book is called "The 
Womanly *ART* of Breastfeeding" :)  And, yes, it really does depend on where 
you live, and the surrounding culture...

(generic rant ahead, not directed at anyone in particular)
There's no need to flame. There's no need to be a Na** about it, either... I 
don't understand people who feel like in order for *their* choices to be 
justified they have to convince the entire world to do as they did...

I did was I thought was best for me. You (generically) did what you thought 
was best for you. End of story.  We (people in newsgroups, etc) exist to be 
a source of education and support for people who need it.  I probably 
wouldn't have made the choices I did if it wasn't for what I learned through 
newsgroups, and my life would be much less richer as a result.


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