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Adam L Beberg beberg
Tue Oct 4 15:00:57 PDT 2005

Russell Turpin wrote on 10/4/2005 2:08 PM:
> Corinna:
>> At any rate, they do all sorts of things to us at birth
>> without our consent..
> Anyone want to start a pool on when they start
> capturing infants' DNA for inclusion in a national
> ID database?

Umm... aren't you a little late?

I'm as paranoid as the next conspiracy theorist, but I dont get the big 
deal about DNA. The benefits are HUGE in having this data, and the 
drawbacks are only things you ALREADY know.

Bob is at risk for cancer, well no sh*t his dad died of it. Alice might 
get breast cancer, again no sh*t sherlock she's female. Insurance 
companies already have ways of dumping those people quickly and quietly.

Now the "scary" stuff is testing for genes relating to brains and other 
things. Little bob is falling behind in school, you already know 
something is wrong, no need to look at the DNA to confirm he lacks a 
brain gene. No nobel prize for him, but that was never going to happen 

And in 20 years, all those genetic errors will be eliminated BEFORE 
birth, so it's a complete non-issue after that. Not to mention all the 
enhancements/resistances that are just around the corner. 6 color 
vision, 2x strength, no serious diseases, livespans in the 250+ years range.

This is all a moot point, as the machines will have passed us making 
almost all human workers obsolete anyway. Even the Chinese will be 2-3 
orders of magnitude too expensive, and they are slave labor.

Assuming any of us survive bird flu, the oil wars, the water wars, and 
the oceans boiling off from global warming.

So stop worrying about things that don't matter. Get some survival and 
combat training instead.

Adam L. Beberg

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