National DNA database? Re: [FoRK] Re: (no subject)

Gordon Mohr gojomofork
Wed Oct 5 00:06:11 PDT 2005

Russell Turpin wrote:
> Corinna:
>> At any rate, they do all sorts of things to us at birth
>> without our consent..
> Anyone want to start a pool on when they start
> capturing infants' DNA for inclusion in a national
> ID database?

Would a national umbilical cord blood bank and tissue-matching
registry, as passed by the House recently, be a small first step
towards this?

  Banking on cord blood
  Oct 3, 2005,0,6045565,print.story

  "In the meantime, Congress is considering legislation that would
   create a federally funded national registry of donated cord blood,
   which has successfully been used in stem cell transplants between
   unrelated people."

  "The House of Representatives recently approved a bill granting
   $79 million to build a national public registry of at least
   150,000 donated cord blood units. The future of that legislation
   rests with the Senate."

- Gordon

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