[FoRK] Re: DBs and online forms

Corinna schultz
Wed Oct 5 06:03:02 PDT 2005

"Culture Lab" <info at pulpculture.org> wrote in message >
> So, the next step is to see if anyone's created such an app, translating 
> either raw data right into a predefined form or created a database backend 
> to do live processing of the input

We do this, but not very efficiently, in Delphi. Our program is called Vesta 
(vestanotes.com), and it handles the data needed by home health care 
agencies. Our forms are a really big hit with our clients, for the reasons 
you suggested.  However, what we do is we actually draw the forms (with 
lines, labels, etc), and put input fields on the form -- automatically 
filling out fields with the patient's name, and so forth -- so it's very 
WYSIWYG for the user. They can then print preview, and then print. Some of 
our forms use data input dialogs, but the newer forms are visual. The input 
data is saved into a database, so a patient can have multiple versions of 
forms, old forms can be pulled up, a patient's chart can be printed out, and 
so forth.  I've heard that in Delphi, it's possible to use an image as a 
background to a window, and then place the input fields on top of the image, 
but then you have to worry about resolution differences and so forth.

I would agree with you that this kind of data application has a large 
potential market in all sorts of industries, but one problem we have is 
varying state laws. Because each state has its own version of Medicaid, our 
software really will only work in Texas, unless we do state-by-state 
customizing (which we do to some extent for Oklahoma and Florida) 

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