[FoRK] Palm or iPOD?

Jim Whitehead ejw
Wed Oct 5 10:02:43 PDT 2005

I'll do the contrarian view.

She doesn't need a PDA, she just needs a paper calendar.

If she gets a PDA, it'll get munched, lost, or stolen. If none of  
those things happen, the battery will run out, and she'll lose all  
her data.

- Jim

On Oct 4, 2005, at 7:41 PM, Marty Halvorson wrote:

> My daughter has just informed me she really, really needs a PDA.   
> The question is which one?  I don't have a clue.  I've never felt  
> the need for one, and now that I'm retired, I definitely don't need  
> one.
> So, since many FoRKers seem to be into having the latest and  
> greatest technology, I figured you all could give me some advice on  
> whether the iPOD or the Palm is preferable.  Just remember I'm  
> retired now and cost will be an issue.
> Peace,
> Marty Halvorson
> marty at halvorson.us
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