[FoRK] bioinformatics

Strata R. Chalup strata
Wed Oct 5 12:09:25 PDT 2005

Run away! Run away!

My husband had been working in bioinformatics for many years.  There's a path in 
it working for Big Pharma, or for small drug discovery companies, but largely 
they're hiring PhD and MD folks from other countries who have retrained in CS in 
this country.  Basically, there's such a surplus of people who have biology and 
medical background AND programming, that unless you already have that 
background, or a shiny new bioinformatics mixed degree, you can't compete at 
good salary ranges.


Corinna wrote:

> Just curious, is anyone here involved with, or has an opinion on, 
> bioinformatics?  I heard a talk yesterday from a UTPA prof who's working in 
> that field and it sounded interesting. I was wondering what the private 
> sector job opportunities (and pay) are like...
> -Corinna 

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