[FoRK] Re: Vancouver's Still On Top... (The Economist)

Corinna schultz
Wed Oct 5 12:25:58 PDT 2005

"Damien Morton" <fork at bitfurnace.com> wrote in message
> I extend an invitation to all Canadians to abandon their wintery misery 
> and come to Australia.

I was perusing the job listings of a game company, that just happened to be 
in Canada. Alberta (Edmonton?), to be specific. I looked up the climate on 
weather.com, and it looks heavenly.  Right now it's about 30 degrees... 
ahh... bliss...  (Where I am, it still regularly reaches upper 90s. We broke 
records the last week or so. Ugh!)  Weather.com also indicated that it has 
low precipitation, so there's not a lot of snow to deal with.  Average high 
in summer?  70 degrees!  Heaven...

I think I want to get into 3D graphics (I already have a passing 
familiarity, just need to get current on pixel shading algorithms, OpenGL 
programming, etc, etc), and get hired by them, just so I can move to 


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