[FoRK] Re: Re: DBs and online forms

Corinna schultz
Wed Oct 5 12:37:08 PDT 2005

"Naren" <nsavara at vsnl.net> wrote in message
If for example, you could separate the region/state-specific business-rules 
from the business logic--- maybe by having the rules implemented by 
perl/python/javascript/vbscript scripts that run using your application as 
the container; and then...
I'm sure that's how the tax software people do it...

Inspired by reading "The Pragmatic Programmer" recently, I've been thinking 
about how to do this. I've begun trying to tease apart database accesses 
from the rest of the code/GUI. It's like untangling necklaces from your 
mother's jewelry box...

With our move to a database server, we will probably put more of the rules 
into the database, and out of the code. But that's also an area I need to 
learn more about -- what exactly should go in the stored procedures, 
triggers, constraints, etc. I understand there's still debate about where to 
put the business rules. I like the idea of metaprogramming mentioned in the 
Pragmatic Programmer...

I'm afraid our product is doomed to stay small and local because: 1) I'm 
moving away when I have my degree, enough money to do so, and a job offer --  
within 2 years I hope; 2) The programming team is quite small - 4 people 
right now; 3) Of the 4, I'm probably the most driven/educated 
programming-wise and I'm not sure I have the skills to pull something like 
this off.

The market opportunity is certainly there -- in Texas, at least, we only 
have a couple of real competitors, and our clients say they think our 
software is superior because it's much easier to use, does more of what they 
need, and they appreciate our technical support and training. We also try to 
implement requests they have, where reasonable.


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