[FoRK] Re: hmmm... what about graphics?

Corinna schultz
Wed Oct 5 14:52:31 PDT 2005

I like story-puzzle-type games (like Gabriel Knight, Myst, Bad Mojo, Day of 
the Tentacle) and plain-old puzzle games (like The Incredible Machine, 
Tetris), arcade-type games from the 80s, and weird games like The Typing of 
the Dead.  I don't really go for RPGs, Sims, art, or games that require 
creativity.  My non-computer interests tend to go for that softer, more 
feminine side -- musical instruments of various kinds, walking in the woods, 
walking along the tidal flats at the beach...

I find the prospect of working with Civ4 intriguing, because of the 
programming aspect of it.

I'm not sure which of my tastes intersect with those of women as a whole. 
Maybe I'm not a good candidate for creating games for women --  I'll write 
whatever the game designer tells me to... :)

Most current software geared for gilrs is sooo stereotyped. I refuse to 
expose my daughter to that stuff!


"Strata R. Chalup" <strata at virtual.net> wrote in message
> I'm not a gamer myself, but I have heard that the gaming industry is 
> starting to realize that girls and young women control a large chunk of 
> disposable income and that there are few games that appeal to them.  I've 
> seen articles by and for women gamers as well, lamenting that there are 
> too few participating and 'where are the women game coders, who will make 
> games that women will enjoy'?

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