[FoRK] Re: hmmm... what about graphics?

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Wed Oct 5 15:04:19 PDT 2005

Corinna wrote:

>Yeah, another prof talked about video data mining -- that seemed interesting 
>too :-)
>Things like calculating real-time speed of objects in a video, identifying 
>various objects (like the number of cars that go into a parking garage), 
>identifying when a scene changes (to automatically not record ads when 
>you're taping something), ways of quantifying video for use in a database. 

Yup.  It is intensely interesting and challenging work, worth a whole 
career, and indeed *is* a whole career.

>guess the applications in security are really big right now...
If your sponsor can get past (or into) the crony network, yes.  I made a 
living on image processing in a security context during the time the web 
bubble was shot and the security bubble was booming.

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