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Tracie K Meyer con10gent_sentience
Wed Oct 5 15:17:57 PDT 2005

From: Adam L Beberg <beberg at mithral.com> escrevo:

>>Strata R. Chalup wrote on 10/4/2005 12:59 AM:
>> Are you planning to be dead then, or living in another country, or what?

>No, probably, uploaded?

>By the time I finish my PhD, there will be no computer science students 
>left in the US for me to teach. Everyone knows all the tech jobs are 
>headed for places you earn $200/month. Between DARPA, NIH, and NSF 
>cutbacks, there will also be no money for non-military research.

>So I will probably not be looking for jobs here.

>Europe is nice, but likely to reglaciate when the gulf stream stops and 
>oil prices are already causing economic problems. Asia is where all the 
>economic action is, and they can think more then 1 quarterly statement 
>ahead, but the languages and being a 6'1" near albino means jobs there 
>are probably out of the question. Lots of relatives in Canada, the 
>people are nice too. Who knows.

>But I think it's safe to assume you'll see an Atlas Shrugged scale evac 
>of anyone with resources out of the US when the shit hits the fan and 
>the 20 dollar bill becomes toilet paper.

when the shit _hits_ the fan?

our dealings with china:
a. we borrowed billions and billions to finance the war in iraq
b. the war in iraq was not really about oil; which source equivocated to
present world currency
c.preceded by the fall of the dollar to the Euro which will then yield
up to the chinese Yion (sp?)
d.what are the implications for the
united states and world order? who will run it all? source's opinion was
"....china is going to eat us for lunch...."
e.tie it in with The Singularity....?


f.who belongs to the old school, and of who belongs to The New? and who
of both? perhaps....
(example page)

[i've got an article in his book, "i've changed my mind" .... "future
pharmacology" btw...


he's the fringiest guy i know of the Techological Age*
which may contribute to the bringing about of the apocolyptic visions of
the poets and the seers?

i renign on my participation in the bringing about of of the encroaching
all encompassing united states incorporation of terrorism.   

*substitute term: Technological Age---> 
is it not the "technological age" per se that is
bringing about realisation of the apocolyptic visions of the poets and
the seers; but rather the men and corporation-humans (the old world
order Elite) who make the decisions.
**source shall remain unnamed. period.


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