[FoRK] Three most import attributes for a Bush appointment

Jim Whitehead ejw
Wed Oct 5 17:08:37 PDT 2005

> By the time I finish my PhD, there will be no computer science  
> students left in the US for me to teach. Everyone knows all the  
> tech jobs are headed for places you earn $200/month. Between DARPA,  
> NIH, and NSF cutbacks, there will also be no money for non-military  
> research.

Facts, please.

Numbers I've seen indicate that outsourcing is mostly shifting jobs  
overseas that used to be outsourced to companies in the US. Which  
companies have you heard of shifting their *core competency* IT  
outside of the company? What broad numbers do you have to  
substantiate your assertion? Game development is a growth area, and  
is not being shifted overseas -- other countries complain about being  
shut out of the industry.

At UCSC we've seen a slight uptick in CS enrollments this year -- the  
standard boom/bust cycle in CS enrollments seems to be coming to an end.

- Jim

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