[FoRK] Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

Rohit Khare khare
Wed Oct 5 17:26:59 PDT 2005

During the 34 hours from 02/Oct/2005:06:36:21 to 05/Oct/ 
2005:16:54:22, xent.com had 146782 "hits", of which 55399 were for  
xent's users (~) (of which 54645 were Ben Sittler! :) and 1530 were  
for robots and 3645 were for favico.ico -- so almost one hit per  
second overall, and 60K hits on FoRK-archive per day. Now, some of  
them are robots spidering the site. But this is a significant leap  
over 25K page views per week I last found when I analyzed the logs  
long ago... During that same period, 10K of those were hits referred  
by search engines of one stripe or another (actually, 48% of those  
were google alone). So that's a floor of 6K visitors per day, I'd say.

Like everyone else, we have server and bandwidth costs -- it's  
headquartered at Adam's house, and we'd like to go somewhere, er,  
"cat-free" -- so what do the various voices on FoRK suggest?

Last I checked, by the way, a disappointingly large fraction of pages  
I tested on googlesyndication.com ended up with links to "complete  
your china set -- replacement cutlery warehouse..." :( Today, almost  
all the pages I tested would end up with Email archiving & compliance  
ads. Basically, it's possible that AdSense would still suck immensely  
because it *still* doesn't know what pipermail/hypermail output  
templates look like?


PS. to quote my seatmate at Web2.0, "1.8 million hits a month? If you  
could only get a flamewar on mortgage refinancing going, you could  
get VC backing for that!" :)

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