[FoRK] Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

Strata R. Chalup strata
Wed Oct 5 18:00:06 PDT 2005

1) Toss up a special squid proxy in front of the site.  If the requestor matches 
known AdWords spiders, do some quick inline edits of the pages, ranging from 
stripping the hypermail/mhonarc-ness of them off to filling them full of 
interesting keywords.

2) Actually.... did anybody else see the lead story Tuesday on the Murky News 
about the kind of shaky loan products that have been helping to drive the 
housing bubble, or at least build up a higher meniscial index for it?  Nice 
glossary of loan types as a sidebar.   Today's story was a follow-up, which 
mentioned that some scary percentage of 2005 Bay Area homebuyers used loan 
products guaranteed to make them Do Da Funky Chicken if the bubble pops.

2a) On the other other hand, the way some of the loan products were explained, I 
could actually see the sense of things like combining an interest-only with a 
"liar's loan".  If you were so sure that the market was going to keep going up 
that you could risk an Underwater Event that would make N'awlins look dry, it 
would make sense to use something like that to snag title and let the 
appreciation roll, then churn the property 6 months to a year later.  Takes risk 
to make money.  I'm just too much of a wuss to try cashing in on this particular 

3) oh, yah--- no aversion to text ads, whether inline in the archives or little 
4-liners nibbed into the messages themselves (max 1 - 2 per message, thanks). 
Bandwidth ain't free no more.


Rohit Khare wrote:
> ...
> Last I checked, by the way, a disappointingly large fraction of pages  I 
> tested on googlesyndication.com ended up with links to "complete  your 
> china set -- replacement cutlery warehouse..." :( Today, almost  all the 
> pages I tested would end up with Email archiving & compliance  ads. 
> ...
> PS. to quote my seatmate at Web2.0, "1.8 million hits a month? If you  
> could only get a flamewar on mortgage refinancing going, you could  get 
> VC backing for that!" :)

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