[FoRK] Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

Stephen Williams sdw
Wed Oct 5 20:49:17 PDT 2005

That's excellent. Would you consider getting VServer working on it? Then 
you could have lightweight, private Linux istances.

It's occurred to me before that it would be cool to federate some well 
connected sites for backup, failover, aggregate bandwidth, etc. I have 
three that I control completely, soon T1 or better (full, shared, and 

160GB isn't much however. I have 44GB of pictures on display at the 
moment for instance.


Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> I've got a Dual P4 2.8 with two sets of mirrored 80GB SCSI drives and 
> about 1GB of RAM that I bought on eBay not long ago.
> Presently it does, uh... nothing really... and sits at a CoLo (Peer1 
> Network, Vancouver) running Fedora Core 3 Linux and generally 
> consuming power. Due to my general specialness Peer1 doesn't charge me 
> for either my bandwidth or the cage it sits in, so this might be a 
> good cat-free candidate.
> It would be overkill for this sort of thing. However, monetizing the 
> ForKchives would be a good thing and I'd be happy to support it by 
> giving Joe, Rohit, and Adam Staff and sudo accounts.
> -Ian.
> On 5-Oct-05, at 5:27 PM, Rohit Khare wrote:
>> During the 34 hours from 02/Oct/2005:06:36:21 to 05/Oct/ 
>> 2005:16:54:22, xent.com had 146782 "hits", of which 55399 were for 
>> xent's users (~) (of which 54645 were Ben Sittler! :) and 1530 were 
>> for robots and 3645 were for favico.ico -- so almost one hit per 
>> second overall, and 60K hits on FoRK-archive per day. Now, some of 
>> them are robots spidering the site. But this is a significant leap 
>> over 25K page views per week I last found when I analyzed the logs 
>> long ago... During that same period, 10K of those were hits referred 
>> by search engines of one stripe or another (actually, 48% of those 
>> were google alone). So that's a floor of 6K visitors per day, I'd say.
>> Like everyone else, we have server and bandwidth costs -- it's 
>> headquartered at Adam's house, and we'd like to go somewhere, er, 
>> "cat-free" -- so what do the various voices on FoRK suggest?
>> Last I checked, by the way, a disappointingly large fraction of pages 
>> I tested on googlesyndication.com ended up with links to "complete 
>> your china set -- replacement cutlery warehouse..." : ( Today, almost 
>> all the pages I tested would end up with Email archiving & compliance 
>> ads. Basically, it's possible that AdSense would still suck immensely 
>> because it *still* doesn't know what pipermail/hypermail output 
>> templates look like?
>> Rohit
>> PS. to quote my seatmate at Web2.0, "1.8 million hits a month? If you 
>> could only get a flamewar on mortgage refinancing going, you could 
>> get VC backing for that!" :)
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