[FoRK] Three most import attributes for a Bush appointment

Adam L Beberg beberg
Wed Oct 5 22:28:39 PDT 2005

Jim Whitehead wrote on 10/5/2005 5:08 PM:
> Facts, please.
> Numbers I've seen indicate that outsourcing is mostly shifting jobs  
> overseas that used to be outsourced to companies in the US. Which  
> companies have you heard of shifting their *core competency* IT  outside 
> of the company? 

Microsoft, Google, IBM, Sun, HP, (I could lists hundreds more), are all 
in the process of stepping off this continent, or at least to something 
south of the border.

And the companies are only in the US to tap the stock markets here, and 
sell to people taking out more morgages to buy stuff they didn't need in 
the first place. We all know it will take GENERATIONS to pay off what 
we've already borrowed from China and the rest of Asia. Why would you 
want to operate a company here during that?

They aren't stupid.

Adam L. Beberg

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