[FoRK] hmmm... what about graphics?

Zee Roe zero
Thu Oct 6 08:09:52 PDT 2005

Preach on, sister.

Stop reading now if gaming gives you heartburn.

IMNSHO, computer/console games have become even more polarized toward MAN
games and GIRL games lately -- either you have something like 'Rumble
Roses' or 'Outlaw <sport>' with scantily clad girl-on-girl action, or
Barbie's Adventure where you 'pilot' a flying horse through heart-shaped
clouds.  While I'm sure there is a 16-year-old-boy market for the former
and a 9-year-old-girl market for the latter, when one considers truly
excellent games that have withstood the tests of time, there's something
that appeals to everyone.

I'm not convinced having more female game programmers will necessarily
help.  Especially in big gaming companies like EA, I don't think there's a
whole lot of creative control at that level, but I guess one has to start

Can anyone in the industry comment on how games get greenlighted? It seems
to me that we need more women involved there, or at the very least more
sensitive ponytail guys.


On Wed, 5 Oct 2005, Strata R. Chalup wrote:

> I'm not a gamer myself, but I have heard that the gaming industry is starting to
> realize that girls and young women control a large chunk of disposable income
> and that there are few games that appeal to them.  I've seen articles by and for
> women gamers as well, lamenting that there are too few participating and 'where
> are the women game coders, who will make games that women will enjoy'?
> So there's potential there.

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