[FoRK] [TNR] Chicken Little: We'll survive the bird flu

Damien Morton fork
Thu Oct 6 10:39:10 PDT 2005

Justin Mason wrote:
> Damien Morton writes:
>>>How have you "bet" the other way? Are you stockpiling tamiflu and
>>>relenza? Respiratory masks? Enough supplies to stay indoors for a
>>>few weeks?
>>tamiflu, check.
>>relenza, check.
>>masks, check.
> I'm also "betting" the other way.  Haven't actually put my money where my
> mouth is just yet, though.
> I've been looking up online places to buy, and suggestions as to what to
> buy -- I was planning to go for both Relenza and Tamiflu, as well.  Any
> tips there?

I just went to my doctor, told him I was going to be travelling in asia 
and asked for a prescription for them both. Filled the prescriptions at 
the local Duane Reade, no problemo.

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