[FoRK] Movie Recommendation

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Thu Oct 6 12:40:54 PDT 2005

Local (Madison WI) klezmer* group "Yid Vicious" has an odd recasting
of the music from Koyaanisquatsi into "Koyaniskocne" -- truly odd,
although unlikely that any of you will ever come across their albums
outside of a few stores in Madison.  Luckily, they're available at
CDBaby.  CDBaby also has streaming audio of some of their tracks,
including Koyaniskocne.


Best klez group names include "Klez Dispenser" and "Klingon Klezmer."


*  Usually defined as "Eastern European Jewish crossed with Jazz" --
YV tends to add a fair amount of rock into the mix as well.

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