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Lucas Gonze lgonze
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Andy Armstrong wrote:

> On 6 Oct 2005, at 13:27, Corinna wrote:
>> I probably need to specialize in *something*...
> I never have - kernel stuff one day, hardware another, database stuff  
> the next - and so on. Of course that might mean I'm not actually any  
> good at any of those things :)

It's more fun to specialize.  Mastering one trade gives yFrom sdw at lig.net  Mon Sep 26 15:58:36 2005
From: sdw at lig.net (Stephen Williams)
Date: Mon Sep 26 15:58:54 2005
Subject: [FoRK] Palm on Linux and/or Microsoft 
Message-ID: <43387D1C.5090901 at lig.net>

Remember when Palm announced recently that they would be moving their 
app environment/OS on top of Linux? Well, it looks like they got an 
offer they couldn't refuse:


September 26th, 2005
Dear Developer,

Today, Palm and Microsoft? announced a powerful, strategic alliance to 
bring the Palm experience to the Windows Mobile? platform, aimed at 
growing the smartphone marketplace. This is exciting news for the Palm 
developer community because we?re now offering our customers a choice of 
two great platforms.

If you?d like to take advantage of this collaboration, to expand your 
solution to Windows Mobile, please log into PluggedIn, and go to My 
Account to modify your existing user profile. You can indicate your 
interest in the Windows Mobile platform, as well as update your company 
details, contact, and other development-related information. Current 
user profiles enable PluggedIn to better meet the needs of Palm's 
developer community.

Development resources for the Treo on Windows Mobile will be posted to 
PluggedIn once the product is commercially available, in early calendar 

We look forward to our continuing partnership.


Paul D. Leeper
Director, Developer Relations

Palm and Microsoft Join to Bring the Palm Experience to Windows Mobile; 
Verizon Wireless First to Market with New Treo Smartphone

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 26, 2005 - Mobile-computing pioneer Palm, Inc. 
(Nasdaq: PALM) and software pioneer Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) today 
announced a strategic alliance to accelerate the smartphone market 
segment with a new device for mobile professionals and businesses. Palm 
has licensed the Microsoft? Windows Mobile? operating system for an 
expanded line of Treo? smartphones, the first of which will be available 
on Verizon Wireless' national wireless broadband network. The news was 
revealed in a press conference with Ed Colligan, president and chief 
executive officer of Palm, Inc.; Bill Gates, chairman and chief software 
architect of Microsoft Corp.; and Denny Strigl, president and chief 
executive officer of Verizon Wireless.

The collaboration gives customers more choices and marks a dedicated 
effort to deliver one of the world's most innovative smartphone 
solutions on the software platform favored by many businesses. Treo 
smartphones combine the hallmark Palm experience of a full-featured 
mobile phone with email, messaging, web access? and organizational 
software -- in an attractive, compact design. The new Treo smartphone 
takes advantage of the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform in multiple ways, 
offering Outlook Mobile, Office Mobile and Internet Explorer Mobile 
built into the smartphone, as well as direct access to Exchange Server 
2003 for mobile access to information.? In addition, the new Treo will 
operate with Verizon Wireless' BroadbandAccess service, the largest 
high-speed wireless broadband network in the United States. Verizon 
Wireless expects the new Treo smartphone to be available to its 
customers in early 2006.

"We've long believed that the future of personal computing is mobile 
computing, and our collaboration with Microsoft is a historic step in 
delivering that vision to a larger market," said Colligan. "We're 
confident customers will see a differentiated smartphone that delivers 
our world-class usability on Microsoft's flexible and robust Windows 
Mobile operating system. We collaborated with Verizon Wireless first 
because of its high-speed wireless network and growing footprint of 
BroadbandAccess cities."

"This is a landmark alliance that will help businesses remain on the 
cutting edge of competitiveness," Gates said. "Demand for accessing 
information on mobile devices is soaring, and businesses want a 
low-cost, scalable solution. We're excited to team with Palm and Verizon 
Wireless to deliver a winning Windows Mobile solution that connects 
professionals to their critical information while on the go."

The Treo smartphone on Windows Mobile is a CDMA-based phone targeted for 
the U.S. market and takes advantage of Verizon Wireless' BroadbandAccess 
service on its EV-DO network with download speeds averaging 400-700 
kilobits per second. Today, about half the U.S. population, in more than 
84 metropolitan areas and in hundreds of airports across the nation, can 
access download speeds comparable to DSL or cable-modem connections. 
Verizon Wireless has been expanding its BroadbandAccess service area 
steadily since its debut in the fall of 2003.

"The new Treo smartphone running Windows Mobile will highlight the speed 
and power of our BroadbandAccess service," said Strigl. "The Treo will 
deliver fast downloading of email and attachments as well as quick 
access to critical-business information, providing businesses with a 
great return on investment. Our strong relationships with Microsoft and 
Palm continue to provide real value for our customers."

The new Treo smartphone is powered by an Intel processor and joins 
Palm's award-winning family of Treo smartphones, which includes the Treo 
600 and Treo 650, both offered today to Verizon Wireless customers.

The Palm Experience on Windows Mobile

During the press conference, the companies demonstrated the Palm 
experience now brought to life on Windows Mobile. The audience saw a 
sampling of Palm's award-winning hardware design integrated thoughtfully 
with a rich Palm software suite, including the ability to:

* Contact someone quickly from the Today Screen and choose between home, 
office or mobile numbers, or select email or SMS. With only two letters 
entered, a customer can find a record from among thousands of contacts;
* Reach people most often called via photo speed dials visible as a band 
of images on the Today Screen;
* Decline a call with a friendly SMS, signaling "In a meeting" or 
"Talking with the boss" instead of simply ignoring the call; and
* Rewind, delete or fast-forward through work or cell phone voicemail 
with familiar and consistent on-screen icons.

About Palm, Inc.

Palm, Inc., a leader in mobile computing, strives to put the power of 
computing in people's hands so they can access and share their most 
important information. The company's products for consumers, mobile 
professionals and businesses include Palm? handheld computers, Palm 
Treo? smartphones, Palm LifeDrive? mobile managers, as well as software, 
services and accessories.

Palm products are sold through select Internet, retail, reseller and 
wireless operator channels throughout the world, and at Palm Retail 
Stores and Palm online stores (www.palm.com/store).

More information about Palm, Inc. is available at www.palm.com.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in 
software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize 
their potential.

About Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless owns and operates the nation's most reliable wireless 
network, serving 47.4 million voice and data customers. Headquartered in 
Bedminster, NJ, Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon 
Communications (NYSE:VZ) and Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD). Find more 
information on the Web at www.verizonwireless.com. To preview and 
request broadcast-quality video footage and high-resolution stills of 
Verizon Wireless operations, log on to the Verizon Wireless Multimedia 
Library at www.verizonwireless.com/multimedia.


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