Rép : [FoRK] Three most hmmm... import ... appointment graphics?

Adam L Beberg beberg
Mon Oct 10 02:46:59 PDT 2005

Dave Long wrote on 10/9/2005 3:02 PM:
> My interpretation is that one might attempt
> to choose a path to victory, by following a
> problem and seeing where it leads, but it'd
> be better to choose all paths, by finding a
> problem that comes to you -- problems whose
> crux should be soluble by your attainments,
> your attributes, your accomplishments, etc.

Choose to be in the right place at the right time with the right idea 
and the millions already lined up to do something with it.

All other people, places, and ideas will fail. If you're off by even a 
couple meters, or a couple months either way, or worst of all you are 
poor, you're just another of the 6.x billion people on the planet that 
will disappear without a trace.

The real tragedy is being early with a great idea actually gets you 
nothing, but being late and copycatting makes you a multi-billionare.

So just copy better then the next guy.

Adam L. Beberg

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