[FoRK] Why AJAX?

Adam L Beberg beberg
Mon Oct 10 21:15:51 PDT 2005

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote on 10/10/2005 8:51 PM:
> I've heard so much AJAX meme recently that I feel like I must be  
> missing something... isn't it just the stuff we've all been doing for  
> years? I mean, I've been sending XML and JavaScript back and forth  
> using hidden frames for ages... and hacking DOM/CSS as well. I guess  
> the new XMLHttpRequest stuff makes it a wee bit easier, but every  time 
> I turn a corner I hear "must do AJAX."...


Of course it's not new, but the PEOPLE using it are new. Still wet 
behind the ears youngins. Everyone over 30 has been offshored, so who is 
left to tell them it's from the... 1960s?

What animal is on the AJAX O'Reilly book?

Adam L. Beberg

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