[FoRK] Re: Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

Rohit Khare khare
Mon Oct 10 21:22:39 PDT 2005

So, here's the latest: I went ahead and randomly chose 2003-March and  
2003-May as tests for two ad layouts with AdSense. AFAICT, Google'  
relevance algorithm sucks horribly. I went with older pages since I'd  
be sure they'd been indexed, but most of the ads seem to be for,  
indeed, email archiving solutions (keying off of pipermail and other  
occurrences of "message" on the page).

On the other hand, it's possible that AdSense has its own indexes  
entirely, since after I reloaded http://www.xent.com/pipermail/fork/ 
2003-May/020604.html 4 times over a period of 15 minutes, it finally  
caught on that this should be a tech jobs ad list...

Yes, I know the layout is ugly and nonoptimal. I'm just curious if  
the ~150-200 hits per day those pages seem to get actually align with  
Google's impression counts.


PS. Here's ugly for ya -- a complete unwillingness to turn on server- 
side includes. FWIW, I have the unmodified backups handy to roll-back...

for i in ` ls 0* `; do echo $i; sed "s/<\!--beginarticle-->/<\!-- 
beginad--><div style='float: right'><script>google_ad_client =  
'pub-4972454464538707';google_ad_width = 160; google_ad_height = 600;  
google_ad_format = '160x600_as'; google_ad_type = 'text_image';  
google_ad_channel ='';<\/script> <script src='http:\/\/ 
\!--beginarticle-->/g" $i > ../2003-May/$i ; done;

PPS. Anyone got a better idea than find+sed for fixing links to long- 
nonexistent machines such as "xent.w3.org" and  
"xent.caltech.edu" (or, heck, "xent.ics.uci.edu") in the quarter- 
million or so static HTML pages on xent.com? I hear there was once a  
utility called MOMspider... :)

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