[FoRK] Why AJAX?

Reza B'Far reza
Mon Oct 10 21:34:35 PDT 2005

Here are some links:


Self-promotion-warning (since I spent a chapter comparing UI patterns here):
(use the Amazon search feature).


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Without wanting to appear to be too foolish - what the fuck is PAC?

Reza B'Far wrote:
> Hi Thomas:
> To me, the biggest deal is this:
> Goodbye complicated MVC based framework with declarative crapolla all over
> them.  Hello PAC.  I always preferred PAC over MVC for separation of
> concerns... but there really was no way of implementing PAC cleanly
> XMLHttpRequest.  It used to be that a user transaction meant a screen
> refresh which is ugly, ugly, ugly ...
> There are LOTS of reasons to use AJAX, but the top two for me are:
> 1)  Ability to create far richer user interfaces by hiding server-side
> transactions.
> 2)  Ability to have truely isolated UI components without declarative crap
> (XML config files, etc.) that you can put together to make new components
> (more PAC like than MVC like).
> Reza B'Far
> Voice Genesis, Inc.
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> I've heard so much AJAX meme recently that I feel like I must be
> missing something... isn't it just the stuff we've all been doing for
> years? I mean, I've been sending XML and JavaScript back and forth
> using hidden frames for ages... and hacking DOM/CSS as well. I guess
> the new XMLHttpRequest stuff makes it a wee bit easier, but every
> time I turn a corner I hear "must do AJAX."...
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