[FoRK] Re: Palm or iPOD?

Steve Norquist signa
Mon Oct 10 23:28:53 PDT 2005

>>>  What do kids want in a PDA? I think for most of em its all about the
>>>  bling. After being schooled in this by my 11 year old I know what I
>>>  must do to my two younglings...start them on wire wraps and synclairs
>>>  zx81s..
>> I don't think I could inflict a membrane-keyboard computer on anyone I
>> love.
>> - Joe

Why not?  Try out the Fingerworks keyboards and see if they don't
redeem themselves (you just need a bistro shop, since they're more than
$20 a pop.)

But the mix of metals in the wire wraps!  Nope.  Infrared suture tools
and visualizing assemblies (isolation amps for the eyes!) plus reels
of piano wire in staged forceps, and the appropriate nanodot and nanotube
enhancements for circuits that pass first tests.  Maybe spring for a
few inductors for power supplies, some kynar, a high-density foam
substrate to keep things off the carpet (what with the piano wire
and all....)  Ages 5 and up.

The special 'pressure' add-in kit tosses in a 'Dog Tricks' book and
a frisbee.  Makes adopting a problem animal that much easier.

Sure, parents complain that there's never enough aseptic curtain,
vacuum line, galvo-mounted magnifiers or paper workbooks in the
boxes, but you can't put everything in the box.

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