[FoRK] Re: Confessions of an Engineering Washout

Corinna schultz
Tue Oct 11 05:27:49 PDT 2005

P.S. I don't like the author's implication that you should do 
math/science/engineering if you're smart, and if you can't hack it, then you 
should do liberal arts.

That very notion (pushed by his parents - both MIT grads) kept my husband 
from realizing that he really should have majored in history or philosophy 
or literature instead of science. By the time he realized what a mistake he 
was making being at Tech, it was too late to transfer...  When our kids are 
older, he'll probably go back to school for some kind of liberal arts 
degree. In the meantime he's studying and pursuing his interests in 
philosophy and literature.


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