[FoRK] Re: Confessions of an Engineering Washout

Justin Mason jm
Tue Oct 11 10:13:52 PDT 2005

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Totally agreed about the true story behind that screed.   It reads even
better as a tale of a smug kid with an overweening sense of
pre-entitlement, encountering a level where he'd actually have to do some
work, and being unable to cope.  Some choice lines:

  'Remember: Kern = real good at math and science.'

  'I know what you're thinking, and you're wrong. She was as American as I
  am. Spoke perfect colloquial English.'

These are the kids who threaten to sue my UCI TA friends, when they're
caught cheating.

Hmmm... I wonder how he thinks an engineering degree is taught in China!

- --j.

"Corinna" writes:
> It's called being in over your head...  I felt like that at Caltech, but I 
> was determined to graduate. After the shock of not being number one weared 
> off, I decided that my goal was to graduate and hopefully learn CS in the 
> process.  I was frustrated that I had to spend so much time on 
> mathemetician's math, and physicist's physics, that I didn't have the time 
> to really dig into my CS courses (notorious time-sinks), which is why I was 
> there in the first place.
> Also, having social problems with my House didn't help either...
> I would probably have gotten a better education at UT Austin, because I 
> would have been able to digest what I was learning instead of desperately 
> trying to keep up.  On the other hand, sometimes I wonder if it would have 
> been better or worse had I gone to MIT (I chose Caltech because of the 
> financial aid...).
> -Corinna
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