[FoRK] Linux woes

Corinna schultz
Tue Oct 11 12:04:13 PDT 2005

(Just venting, that's all)
I'm embarassed to say this, but I've had a heck of a time trying to get VTK 
installed on my computer. I think I have to capitulate and get the Win 
version instead... I'll still use python, though (assuming I can get 
everything to play nicely).

Maybe it's just me... or maybe it's the docs. I don't know. I'd forgotten 
just how much time it takes to get *anything* working under Linux.  :(  Why 
couldn't they just have done the configure/make/make install thing? That 
would have been soooo better.

I finally got CMake to run successfully (after having to install tcl and 
tk - the docs did *not* tell me I needed those in order to use python!). 
Then I ran make. It barfed on a < in the c++ source (it was a template, I 
think, which have been legal for a while. Maybe I should update my gcc 

Then I went to bed. An now I haven't had enough sleep, so my mind has been 
hazy today. argh. I was supposed to have run the sample program by classtime 
tonight...  And I live so far away from campus I can't really use the labs 


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