[FoRK] Icon of the 80s

Robert Harley robert.harley
Tue Oct 11 18:29:07 PDT 2005

OK so what were the most iconic memes/moments/whatever of the 80s for ye
("Ye" is what Irish people from Tipperary say).

I vote for the closing scenes of "The Mission" and for Frankie Goes To
Hollywood's "Two Tribes" -
the latter for allusions to the Cold War turning from tragedy to farce, a
Reagan-imitation voice reciting Castro's self-defense speech,
sobering pot-shots at the nuclear overhang etc.

FWIW, whatever you think of Castro (and I don't approve, nor do I approve of
the US's embargo on Cuba, not of many things)
his "Condenadme, no importa, la historia me absolver?" is one of the greats,
not to be missed.

Declaration of Revocation


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