[FoRK] More history we should have been taught...

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Tue Oct 11 20:31:34 PDT 2005

(This is a different interview from the one that aired and referred to 

They were interviewing the Nobel Prize winner in Economics, Thomas C. 
Schelling, and he mentioned one application of game theory:

At the beginning of the Cold War, the US was trying to find a way to 
convince Western Europe that the US would back them up in the case of a 
war, or nuclear war, with USSR.  The guy mentioned in the story went to 
Congress to get permission to put 7 divisions (or squads or?) in France 
/ Europe.  This wasn't to provide an actual deterrent force, but to 
guarantee that any act of war would involve the US.  He specifically 
mentioned that France needed to be assured that the US would follow 
through and back them up.

So, the US originally had post-WWII troops in Europe to prove that we 
would honor agreements.


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