[FoRK] Fwd: Setty at HP, the Atrium Fundraiser/Party, and the Forum

Rohit Khare khare
Tue Oct 11 22:23:45 PDT 2005

This was actually a well-written little e-book/manifesto:

It's rare that I can agree with every one of a speaker's points, 
especially when there are 25 of them. At the same time, let me set the 
expectation that none of them are earth-shattering -- I  would like to 
think a lot of my friends already embody these traits in their 
professional (and personal) lives...


Begin forwarded message:

> Setty Speaks at Hewlett Packard
>  Cupertino, CA
> Wednesday, October 12 from?11:30 to 1:00pm?
>  At a time when technology is rapidly changing along with external 
> factors beyond your control in the professional realm, you must adapt 
> and learn new skills to achieve success. Hosted by NetIP,?Rajesh Setty 
> will speak at the HP campus about what you can do to differentiate 
> yourself and stand out from the crowd. Distinguishing yourself is 
> mandatory to thrive in this dynamic environment.
> About the presenter:
>  Rajesh Setty describes himself as someone who EATS with passion. He 
> is an entrepreneur, author, and teacher. Setty currently serves as the 
> chairman of CIGNEX Technologies, a company he co-founded in late 2000. 
> He wrote his first novel when he was nine and published it at the age 
> of thirteen. His latest book, Beyond Code (foreword by Tom Peters), is 
> published in the U.S. and India. Setty maintains a blog at 
> http://blog.lifebeyondcode.com. ?You can read?25 Ways to Distinguish 
> Yourself, his recently published manifesto.
>  Details and RSVP: professional at netip-sfba.org

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