[FoRK] Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

kelley at inkworkswell.com kelley
Wed Oct 12 12:12:33 PDT 2005

At 02:52 PM 10/12/2005, Rohit Khare wrote:
>So far, I've learned one thing from the AdSense experience that explains a 
>lot. Of the 283 hits on the two months worth of FoRK I've instrumented 
>today, Google has recorded *8* page impressions.
>Even putting aside that some of the 722 hits over the past two days are 
>me, testing the system, is a total of only 80 impressions really supposed 
>to suggest that 90% of the traffic to xent is from bots or 
>non-JavaScript-enabled/ad-blocking browsers?
>Anyone else had experience with an order-of-magnitude discrepancy between 
>pageviews? Should I add a test web bug gif to cross-check this?

Where are the ads? I checked the archives, but didn't see where you'd 
implemented them. From reading logs, my experience is about 30-40% are 
search engine bots.


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