[FoRK] Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

Adam L Beberg beberg
Wed Oct 12 13:59:02 PDT 2005

kelley at inkworkswell.com wrote on 10/12/2005 12:12 PM:
> Where are the ads? I checked the archives, but didn't see where you'd 
> implemented them. From reading logs, my experience is about 30-40% are 
> search engine bots.

30-40% is really low on the bots/harvester rates for most of my sites.
Google alone is a very hyperactive visitor accounting for over 5% of 

It would be VERY interesting if someone were to actually pick part logs 
carefully and study this. I can imagine that blog-class sites are 
getting a huge fraction of their hits from search engines.

More hits more ads, more ads more money, more money more crawling... 
wait a second...

Adam L. Beberg

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