[FoRK] Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

kelley at inkworkswell.com kelley
Wed Oct 12 14:38:35 PDT 2005

At 04:59 PM 10/12/2005, Adam L Beberg wrote:
>kelley at inkworkswell.com wrote on 10/12/2005 12:12 PM:
>>Where are the ads? I checked the archives, but didn't see where you'd 
>>implemented them. From reading logs, my experience is about 30-40% are 
>>search engine bots.
>30-40% is really low on the bots/harvester rates for most of my sites.
>Google alone is a very hyperactive visitor accounting for over 5% of traffic.

Yeah, we have LiveStats, which I was addicted to for about 6 weeks. When we 
were picked up by Google, the google bot just stayed there 24/7, I swear.

I got that number from having to monitor our logs with a fine-toothed comb 
because of some harassment and other hooey that was going on. I was 
double-checking on all the IP addys, manually trace-routing each and every 
one. What was amazing, to me, was the number of sites that do this just to 
harvest the 'net for competitive intelligence. At least, that's what I 
assume was going on. When Heinze Services company visits every week, twice 
a week, just to scan the services page....

This is why I think that, yours as a much more established site with a lot 
more interesting content than a site's that's more commercial than yours, 
are much more likely to see a lot of bot traffic. What some of these bots 
do is use your content on their flypaper 'search engines' (which are really 
link farms). Some strange places I find mirroring posts I've made to this 
and other lists......

But, I'm not an SE/bot expert, it was just my guess. It's fascinating, to 
me, as an information hound myself -- which is why I was addicted to 
LiveStats and pouring over logs every night. <span class="Fred 
Harris">Pathetic, really</span>.

>It would be VERY interesting if someone were to actually pick part logs 
>carefully and study this. I can imagine that blog-class sites are getting 
>a huge fraction of their hits from search engines.
>More hits more ads, more ads more money, more money more crawling... wait 
>a second...

Oh, well, it's like a scale that's five lbs. off. If all the scales are 
five lbs off then it doesn't much matter to advertisers what the 'real' 
traffic is.... as long as people are clicking and buying.


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