[FoRK] ObCrapola

Robert Harley robert.harley
Wed Oct 12 15:51:45 PDT 2005

Top hit for "fuck you and the horse you rode in on" is from "1000 Faces of
The Finger".
#3 is some blog with a post of the "If you never accept Jesus Christ, HELL
So please, ask Him into your heart." flavour.

OK, enough trivial dissociation crud. I really must go listen to some
Gregorian chants in Gaelic,
all the better (business bureau) to zonk (trip hop rockers) myself (Hossein
Derakhshan's blog)
so I can get up at 0600 hours (what does the "O" stand for?) and go price
some hybrid securities
(used to be cheap equity but, under new accounting rules ...) with 57
options attached (Textured Edge Design No Bevel).



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