[FoRK] ObCrapola

Robert Harley robert.harley
Wed Oct 12 16:43:56 PDT 2005

I'm knot done yet!

Currently playing Chez Rob: "The Girl From Ipanema".
Next up: "Only In His Youth" then "Je vous Emmerde".

ObJokeWotWasFunny1200Years ago:
Charles the Bald to Johannes Scotus Eriugena (Irish philosopher):
"Quid distat inter sottum et Scottum?"
(what the difference/distance between a pig and an Irish man) (play on words
- in those days "Scot" meant Irish).
Johannes Scotus Eriugena to Charles the Bald (king of France):
"This table."

Currently playing Chez Rob: "Kick Him When He's Down".
Next up: "Alive" then "Scum Of the Earth".


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