[FoRK] Icon of the 80s

Steve Norquist signa
Wed Oct 12 23:20:17 PDT 2005

> OK so what were the most iconic memes/moments/whatever of the 80s for ye  
> all?

_The Black Hole_ as a hermetic moral reel,(Disney breaking in Buena Vista  
and broad increasing 'leakage' of books of appropriate color, noise and  
ink spec
as well as arbitrary topics of interest into general bookstore  
suddenly people who thought a book on their dream ought to exist
were plunged into objective circumstances and armitage.  (More so to  
than vocations, however.)  Metal & Prog Rock.
_COSMOS_ (PBS, w/ Butthead Astronomer)
Urban Epidemics as reported from 5th sources.  Underground homes (R-120  

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