[FoRK] Re: Should we add some ads to FoRK-archive? At 60K hits/day...

Corinna schultz
Thu Oct 13 05:52:29 PDT 2005

<kelley at inkworkswell.com> wrote in message
> This is why I think that, yours as a much more established site with a lot 
> more interesting content than a site's that's more commercial than yours, 
> are much more likely to see a lot of bot traffic. What some of these bots 
> do is use your content on their flypaper 'search engines' (which are 
> really link farms).

What is the use of sites like this? Who uses them or takes them seriously?

When I land on one of these pages, I leave in disgust becuase that's *not* 
what I was looking for. Those pages are just noise, as far as I am 


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